I am not SPAMMING!

I am not spamming by any means posible. The hgbay site is not mine and i don't have any connection with the people behind it. The link to my blog that is in the site's footer is there because they have used a template that i have released few months ago. So stop pointing to me as a spammer, please!

This is a link of a google search that returns blogs which are using the template i have released: Google Search:"Design by AD's Personal Blog"

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  1. Aurel Dragut spune:

    I also have sent an email to the hosting company but no reply at all. I don't think that a link provided by the template should be considered enough to affect me, but we will see.

  2. Aurel Dragut spune:

    Da, dar vezi tu, ala a mai si facut praf template-ul cu talentul lui de webdesigner.

  3. Aurel Dragut spune:

    They didn't find me, they have found the template on the wordpress themes catalog.

  4. Aurel Dragut spune:

    Cei de la Google nu ma vor lua la intrebari. Vor analiza singuri si vor trage concluzii urmate sau nu de consecinte.

  5. Ar trebui sa-ti securizezi blogul. Sunt destule pluginuri pt WP daca ai nevoie.

  6. Imobiliare spune:

    Sunt multi oameni care nu vor decat sa faca un lucru bun, adica sa scape omenirea de un spammer. Din nefericire, multi dintre ei abia stiu de unde se deschide calculatorul si fac numai prostii. Tot din acest motiv eu am renuntat sa mai forwardez mesajele de phishing catre banci, de frica sa nu ma dea in judecata pe mine (pentru ca nu ma astept din partea lor sa faca diferenta dintre ip-ul de pe care a fost generat email-ul si ip-ul de pe care a fost forwardat.)

  7. Aurel Dragut spune:

    Bancile au IT-istii lor, care ar trebui sa stie cu ce se mananca in general un email cu tot cu headerele lui.

  8. Aurel Dragut spune:

    I tried, the hosting company is from Romania, but i guess they didn't take me in consideration. Probably i didn't get them solid arguments.

  9. Aurel Dragut spune:

    It is not worthy. I have more important things to handle at the moment.

  10. Come on people, we are living in Romania, everything is messy here…
    no comment

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